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Vihula manor Lifestyle

Our collection has been inspired by the historical and romantic aura of Vihula Manor, contemporary Nordic design, and the picturesque nature of Lahemaa National Park on the northern coast of Estonia.

Carefully selected products from pure raw materials, made in cooperation with local small producers and craftsmen, in order to continue the long-standing traditions of Vihula Manor.

Our products fall to 3 categories: gourmet, home and wellness. We specialize in gift hampers filled with premium gourmet food and drinks from artisan producers in Estonia suitable both for casual snackers and sophisticated connoisseurs.

Vihula Manor Lifestyle products are available in the gift shop located in the historical Water Mill Caffe of the Vihula Manor, in our online shop and in various stores all over Estonia.

Historical Manor

The elegant 16th-century Vihula Manor has undergone a complete renovation to make it a luxurious hotel, while retaining its historic character. Narrow steep stairs, old original wooden floors and thick limestone walls have been given a new function, and the interior of the buildings is equipped with all modern comforts. 

Vodka Production At the Manor

The production of vodka has historically been one of the main sources of income for Vihula Manor for centuries. The production increased from 1810, when Alexander von Schubert became the owner of Vihula Manor. Initially, vodka was produced only for its manor and its 3 taverns, but later a large part of the production was sold to the state. Vihula Manor Vodka is produced from the highest quality organic spirits and specially treated water and is a modern continuation of the ancient traditions of Vihula Manor.

Vihula Manor Herb Garden

A manor complex was not considered complete without a manor park and a manor garden. There are about a dozen apple trees in the apple orchard of the manor, and we can still find all the main herbs and spices in the herb garden, plus other necessities palnted in the greenhouse - all these fresh goodies end up on the plates of the manor guests.   

Natural body care products

Vihula Manor eco-SPA is a boutique spa, where you can find the manor's historical atmosphere, luxury and modern comforts. All products are 100% natural. Some of the products used in the spa can also be bought to be used at home or given away as a thoughtful gift.


Vihula Manor Lifestyle OÜ
Paldiski mnt 5, Tallinn, 10137
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Vihula Manor
Vihula, Lääne-Virumaa
45402 Estonia

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