Beef Jerky, 50g


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Pleasantly salty, spicy and delicious snack with soft texture. The soy and teriyaki sauces used during the preparation process add a rich flavour to the meat.

In addition to excellent taste, beef jerky is a nutritious snack with a high nutritional value and protein content. 3 kg of beef is needed to prepare 1kg of beef jerky, because during the process of drying, most of the water is removed from the meat (beef contains 60% water).

Beef jerky does not require special storage conditions and can therefore be easily added in a gift box, travel bag or on a picnic table.

Wonderful with rye crisps, cheese and onion jam!

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Product Specifications

Brut weight: 0.06 kg
Measurements: 13 × 2 × 20 cm
Net weight:



veiseliha (100g toote valmistamiseks on kasutatud 285g liha), sojakaste (vesi, sojauba 29%, sool, suhkur, nisujahu 9%, säilitusaine kaaliumsorbaat), teriyaki kaste 14% (sojakaste 38%, suhkur, glükoos, melassisiirup, sool, ingver, vürtsid, säilitusaine kaaliumsorbaat), maitsetaimed


at temperature +2…+22 °C

Nutritional value in 100g:

energiasisaldus 1082 kJ/256 kcal; rasvu 3,5g, sh küllastunud rasvhappeid 1,5g; süsivesikud 1,0 g, sh suhkruid 1,0 g, valke 55 g, soola 3,0 g.

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