Best Beer Bundle


A carefully curated gift box containing some savoury snacks that pair perfectly with the Vihula Manor Lifestyle craft beers. Send this to a work colleague or that special beer fan in your life you wish to surprise!


  • Vihula Manor Craft Beer Saison* 5.5% | 33cl
  • Vihula Manor Craft Beer Porter* 8.3% | 33cl
  • Cured Smoky Chicken | 50g
  • Artisan Cheese Andre Prima| 200g
  • Kaerahelbeküpsis | 100g
  • Onion Jam | 150g →
  • Black Gift Box with Window, Golden Ribbon



Product Specifications

Brut weight: 2.05 kg
Measurements: 36 × 19 × 9 cm

Please note that this gift box contains fresh food items (cheese) and must be refrigerated on receipt. Store at +2…+15°C


*Attention! This is an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol may cause damage to your health.

Tallinn Gift Shop

Vihula Manor Lifestyle OÜ

Paldiski Rd 3a, Tallinn, 10137

AVATUD: E ja N 10.00-17.00

+372 627 7888


Vihula Manor
Vihula, Lääne-Virumaa
45402 Estonia

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