Vihula manor. 800 years of Estonian history

The book tells the story of the picturesque Vihula manor located in Lääne-Virumaa, on the edge of the Lahemaa National Park, taking the reader on an exciting journey through centuries of vivid history up to the present day. The book narrates the history of Vihula Manor, about its different owners and its economic development, and the renovation of the manor and its growth into a modern manor complex as we know Vihula Manor today. Between the chapters reflecting the history and development of the manor, the authors tell cheerful stories and legends about the manor estate.

Vihula Manor is the largest fully restored manor complex in Estonia and in the entire Baltic region – the manor ensemble consists of 30 renovated buildings, which are located on the banks of a winding river and a pond with islands, forming a romantic cultural landscape. Historically, for centuries the manor estate has earned its income from agriculture, vodka production, forestry, from its mills and taverns – but today the manor makes its living by offering visitors experiences in the countryside. The historical buildings have been renovated and given a new function – Vihula Manor hosts guests in a luxurious manor hotel, restaurant, spa, museums, and nature trails. The content and form of the manor as an independent countryside economic unit have remained the same, but the functions have changed to meet today’s demand.

The authors of this book are Olita and Hans Henrik Kjølby, the owners of Vihula Manor, who have been tourist entrepreneurs since the beginning of the restoration of Estonian independence and whose main activity is bringing foreign tourists to Estonia and the Baltics. In 2008, they bought the Vihula Manor and made it his mission to restore the manor to its former glory and open it to the public.