Dried Berry Mix, 100g


45.00 €/kg

This dried berry mix is one of our favorite snacks and bestsellers! It is a tasty combination of dried cranberries, rhubarb, quinces, blackcurrants and carrots, a perfect addition to your morning muesli or our premium hot apple glögg! All ingredients are naturally dried with sugar only, without using any artificial preservatives.

Product Specifications

Brut weight: 0.1 kg
Measurements: 6 × 5 × 12.5 cm
Net weight:



Dried cranberries 30% (cranberries, sugar), dried rhubarbs 25% (rhubarbs, sugar), dried quinces 15% (quinces, sugar), dried blackucurrants 15% (blackcurrants, sugar), dried carrots 15% (carrots, sugar).

Nutritional value in 100g:

energiasisaldus 1135kJ/322kcl; rasvad 0,7g, millest küllastunud 0g; süsivesikud 76g, millest suhkur 71g; valgud 1,1g, sool 0g


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