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A large and rich gift package full of exciting flavors put together with special care contains gourmet products that will decorate the party table and a domestic festive sparkling drink, so that you can thank good partners, close friends or a hardworking team on any special day.

The gift package includes:

  • Rhubarb Brut Organic rhubarb sparkling wine* 11% | 75cl (Can be replaced with alcohol-free Rhubarb )
  • Artisanal cheese Andre Prima | 250g
  • Quinces in white chocolate | 125g
  • Rye rolls with garlic | 100g
  • Pickled wild mushrooms | 300g
  • Apple Cider Jelly | 150g
  • Coffee beans Karlova | 250g
  • Dark chocolate bar with berries | 90g
  • Freeze-dried strawberry crunch | 35g
  • Freeze-dried tea raspberry-peppermint | 35g
  • Oat Cookies | 100g
  • Onion Jam | 150g
  • Black gift box with window, red ribbon





Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 36 × 10 cm

Recommended storage temperature for sets with cheeses: +2…+15°C


*Attention! It is alcohol. Alcohol can harm your health.

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