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Crafted to convey heartfelt appreciation to esteemed business partners, cherished friends, or dedicated teams, this festive gift basket boasts an array of delightful sweet and savory delicacies, topped with a local rhubarb sparkling wine. Gifting this exquisite box ensures a memorable celebration for any occasion.


  • Rabarbra Brut Organic Rhubarb Sparkling Wine 11% | 75cl (May be replaced with the non alcoholic Rabarbra )
  • Artisan Cheese Andre Prima| 200g
  • Quinces In White Chocolate | 125g
  • Garlic Rye Crisps | 100g
  • Marinated Mushrooms | 300g 
  • Apple Cider Jelly | 150g 
  • Whole Bean Coffee Karlova | 250g
  • Dark Chocolate Tablet With Assorted Red Berries | 90g 
  • Freeze-Dried Strawberry Snacks | 35g 
  • Sea Buckthorn Marmalade Candies | 150g → 
  • Onion Jam | 150g
  • Black Gift Box with Window, Red Ribbon





Product Specifications

Measurements: 36 × 36 × 10 cm

Please note that this gift box contains fresh food items (cheese) and must be refrigerated on receipt. Store at +2…+15°C


*Attention! This is an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol may cause damage to your health.

Tallinn Gift Shop

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AVATUD: E-R 12.00-16.00

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Vihula Manor
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45402 Estonia

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