Vihula Manor’s own special and attractive winter drink has just been prepared – handmade non-alcoholic apple mulled wine, made from cold-pressed whole apple juice, with five powerful spices for an exciting flavor nuance: lavender flowers, mint, thyme, ginger, cinnamon bark and a bunch of chokeberry for color.

The old, famous apple and herb garden of Vihula Manor is surrounded by a high limestone wall, and in its protective shade, apples and herbs collect warmth, flavors and aromas all summer long. These summer flavors have been captured in a bottle for a lively warming winter drink. Anyone can add spiciness to glög according to their taste – we recommend adding a variety of Calvados or Vihula manor vodka and serving it hot with a lemon wedge.

Vihula manor apple mulled wine is a unique and 100% natural hand-crafted mulled wine, which is bottled in a beautiful gift bottle with a historical feel and is available in the Vihula manor gift shop and restaurant and in the Vihula Manor Lifestyle online store!

Have fun!